Carpet Cleaning in Calgary and surrounding areas

An old carpet can contain lots of contaminants, dirt, dust, allergens and other particles. If you have pets, keeping a carpet clean is especially hard.

The cleanliness of your home and air quality are negatively affected by a dirty carpet; as someone walks on the carpet, the particles fly into the air, which ultimately gets breathed in by your family and guests.

After years of use, it's important to have your carpets professionally cleaned. At Parthenon Home Services, we have state of the art carpet cleaning equipment, and we use non-irritating and pet friendly cleaning products.

Once we're done with our service, your carpets will look brand new again.

man cleaning carpet with carpet cleaning equipment
close up picture of carpet cleaning equipment

Residential & Commercial Cleaning

We provide extensive residential and commercial cleaning services in Calgary and surrounding regions. If you need some help with cleaning your home or office, just give us a call and we'll give you a free estimate.

Carpet Cleaning

A dirty carpet has dirt, dust and bacteria trapped inside. If your carpet needs cleaning, just let us know. We use the best equipment, and pet-friendly cleaning products.

Snow Removal

Removing snow from your property can be a challenging task during heavy snowfalls. If you need someone to stop by and remove the snow, let us know.


We do exceptional landscaping work for our clients in Calgary and surrounding areas. We can keep your landscaping maintained properly and looking great.

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